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Hello, my name is Mario Vetanze, owner, operator, and sole proprietor of Vetanze Therapy LLC. Oftentimes people ask me what exactly it is that I do in my office, and the easy answer is that I’m a healer. The longer, more precise answer is that I’m a Board Certified Posture Exercise Professional and Licensed Massage Therapist who specializes in Trigger Point Therapy, Active Isolated Stretching, Functional Stimulation, Re-patterning Exercises, Injury Recall Technique, Myofascial Release, and Kinesiology techniques. Bottom line: I’m here to make your body feel as good as it ever has

In the span of just 5 years, I’ve treated over 500 patients, 50 of which are/were members of the Denver Broncos. During the 2015 NFL season in which the Broncos won Super Bowl 50, I treated 22 different members on their 53-man roster.

My abilities and knowledge come from a wide range of sources, from my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology via the University of Colorado at Boulder, to the Denver School of Massage Therapy, to shadowing a myriad of highly successful chiropractors, physical therapists, athletic performance specialists, and personal trainers. I have been absorbing as much information as humanly possible over the last 5 years and will continue to do so throughout the duration of my career in order to best serve my patients.